This week, Slender Seven took a look inside Juice Press, the NYC-based raw juice and smoothie bar that has completely revamped and redefined the juicing trend. Juice Press juices are not your average high-priced juice detox beverage. Rather, the company makes food & beverages that promote wholesome, clean eating in order to live a healthy life. Exactly what we stand for! And best of all, the Juice Press ships their products to your door, wherever you may be, making it easier to enjoy their unique recipes all over the USA. Healthy, easy, and delicious…right up our alley.

Juice Press produces cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and raw foods that are made fresh daily in-house in their Manhattan stores. Each product is unique, nutritious, and absolutely delicious. The ingredients are selected and blended to maximize health benefits. The options are vast – the online store has so many combinations of flavors to choose from it’s like shopping for clothes. The Juice Press prides itself on being 100% organic, 99% of the time, as well as completely transparent. They have mastered the art of clean eating and refuse to use high pressure processing or preservatives.

From NYC to NC, our Juice Press products arrived completely fresh overnight. Choosing our juice was difficult since there is an extensive lineup of combinations. We decided on Lucky Seven for obvious reasons! This formula consists of carrot, pineapple, pear, orange, ginger, beet and lemon juices. The juice was naturally sweet and full of flavor with a zing of ginger. 

Next up, we enjoyed a completely raw, gluten free and vegan sushi roll made with cauliflower rice…brilliant! This Get Rich Quick roll was a unique twist on traditional sushi and we loved it. The roll was made with jicama, parsley, sunflower seeds, cucumber, avocado and spices that were mouth-watering. 

Our third and final item of the order was the Sin-O-Bun, and as you can guess by the name it was “sinfully” delicious. There’s nothing better than enjoying a healthy sweet, something we strive to accomplish with our Slender Seven recipes. This gluten free cinnamon bun was made with buckwheat, golden flax, and dates, and topped with a sweet vegan frosting.

Interested in Juice Press, juice cleansing or ordering products? See the links below. We are looking forward to our next order of Juice Press items!


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