Sometimes it's hard to find a nutrition bar that isn't loaded with sugar, calories and unidentifiable ingredients. Aisles at the grocery store are packed with protein bars, meal replacement bars, granola bars, fruit & nut bars, nutrition bars, snack bars and fiber bars. Choosing the right one can be a tedious process, though we're here to suggest one of our newest favorites!

Plain and simple: NuGo Nutrition bars are healthy and delicious. But more importantly, there is a wide variety of bars that fit your lifestyle needs: gluten-free, low carb, high protein, vegan, paleo, USDA-certified organic, low sugar, and soy-free

NuGo Nutrition bars use fresh and healthy ingredients, making their products great tasting and good for you. There are no GMOs (genetically modified organisms), artificial hormones, sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners. Many of their protein bars are coated with dark chocolate. Unlike many bars, NuGo is the only company to use REAL Dark Chocolate. This REAL Dark Chocolate is made from cocoa butter instead of unhealthy palm kernel oil, creating a bar that will melt-in-your-mouth and provide you with the proper nutrients.

NuGo's commitment to quality, all-natural ingredients is a perfect example of Slender Seven's motto: cook simply, eat healthy and feel happy! Visit their petition to create an FDA standard for dark chocolate.

Choose NuGo bars if you're looking for the perfect balance of quality, taste, and nutrition on the go! Learn more about the company and products, then try our favorites:

NuGo Organic - Double Dark Chocolate

NuGo Dark - Chocolate Pretzel

NuGo Free - Carrot Cake

NuGo Slim - Brownie Crunch