On our trip to Iceland, we learned about the country's uniquely gorgeous nature, its advanced geothermal energy, and... its delicious skyr.

Eating like the locals on our trip to Iceland

Eating like the locals on our trip to Iceland

Skyr - pronounced skeer - is a staple food in the Icelandic diet, dating back to the time of the Vikings. This low-lactose dairy product is made from cultured fat free milk, with a thick and creamy texture similar to Greek yogurt. Skyr is a rich source of calcium and protein while low in fat and sugar, making it the perfect food to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

The good news: you don't have to travel all the way to Iceland to enjoy the benefits of skyr. Visit your Whole Foods or local grocery store to find skyr products, such as Siggis or Skyr.is, to experience one of Iceland's many phenomenons.

One of our new favorite products is the Skyr Smoothie by B'More Organic. This local Baltimore, Maryland-based brand was founded by the Buerger family after discovering the nutritional benefits of skyr on their trip to Iceland. They wanted to provide Americans with the same easy-to-consume, protein-packed skyr as they had tasted in Iceland. With that, B'More Organic was born, providing organic skyr made from the finest grass-fed cows on their family owned farm.

B'More Organic Skyr Smoothies have seven or less all-natural and identifiable ingredients, with zero grams of fat and no added sugar! Each smoothie contains 16 ounces of skyr, complete with calcium, probiotics, and 46 grams of protein. The smoothies are available in 4 flavors: vanilla, banana, mango-banana, and caffe latte. 

B'More Label

Visit B'More Organic to see where you can find these nutrient-packed Skyr Smoothies. Check out our Slender Seven recipes that use B'More Organic's Skyr Smoothie - or drink it straight from the bottle!