Chickpea cookies had been a hot commodity since Nikki first launched It all started when she tricked her sister into eating black bean brownies, getting a huge kick out of the fact that these delicious treats were made with healthy black beans.  Nikki's recipe for black bean brownies eventually evolved into blondies made with chickpeas, which then turned into chickpea cookies.

Baked Cookies

These cookies became a recipe phenomenon, as Nikki would repeatedly bake them for various occasions due to the overwhelming amount of popularity. Family members were baffled, friends were delighted, and these cookies became the "best soft-baked cookie" people had tasted.

It wasn't until August 2014 during a cookie baking session that Nikki realized not only was the cookie dough safe to consume raw, it was also incredibly delicious. At that moment,  she had an epiphany. Eggless, edible cookie dough? Delicious? Healthy? This was unique and no such product existed. Nikki decided to test both the cookies and the dough on people to scope out the potential of selling this product.

It was a huge hit. And with that, her idea for the cookie dough sprung into action, earning its place as the first Slender Seven consumer packaged good.